May 6, 2013

Three sailor portaits

Here is a fun commission for a friend. He asked for portraits as gifts to friends, that would be similar to the sailor drawn by illustrator Bene Rohlmann. You can find it on his website

At his request, I kept the concept the same, but I did stay true to my own style. I like to blend my colors the way I learned to with gouache, which I think looks nice with digital rendering. As much as I love flat illustrations, I love to represent some level volume and depth, which I think you can see below. Anyway, it was a lot of fun, especially researching old photos of the Royal and US Navy, as well as sweet Sailor Jerry tattoos.


  1. wow cyndee! these are fantastic. such a professional and stylized feel

  2. Very nice poses, and I like those worn out tattoos. I was looking for sailor reference material for something recently so this caught my eye. Best, Lisa