Oct 17, 2011

Gig Poster for Metronomy

Metronomy- A band I've recently started listening to. Good stuff, reminds me of French Kicks, but with more kick! 

I approached this illustration much like an experimental painting. I started with a color palette, added a texture, and was compelled to keep going, which is how the stripes became my base. I did a quick sketch of the dog, anticipating a clean up, but I enjoyed the looseness of the lines too much. Its been a few months since I've painted, and was dying to render the the fur. I decided to pull the colors from the background, and  it produced this awesome effect of a silky, translucent dog. 

I enjoyed it so much I've begun a similar composition, but this time I want to see what happens when I make the dog even less transparent, and incorporate black/white/grey to juxtapose the technicolor. I am posting the second dog in its current, rough stage, but its fun to compare it with the first dog as is.

(Initial color palette/first Photoshop layer)


(First stage of canine#2)

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