Apr 21, 2011

April Sketches

I'm DYING to paint again! I've been color coordinating my heirloom tomatoes and mixing skin tone palettes in my mind when glancing at passing strangers. This evening a very purple man with penciled in orange eyebrows accompanied Justin and I in the elevator. What a tease! I am away from my paints this week so I've settled with graphite. Lately my favorite times to sketch: before bed; during movies- which I watch to brake from the freelance work.  Usually my sketches don't have much rhyme or reason, but most of these do. They were drawn Last night- in bed watching Tombstone.

I've been thinking about doing a personal series on aged children in school type portraits, or children with skin conditions of older age. I like the idea of the challenge in balancing youth with age.

This pore guy has got a bad case of enlarged pores.

This one came from another idea thats been floating around in my head for a year- Thunder Thighs. Female Godzilla- with cottage cheese texture and all. 

And these are just a product of caricature practice for my summer gig at the LA Zoo. The last ones got a little Tombstone 'flavah' to it.

My last sketch of the night. Sometimes I mindlessly google "cat" or "puppy" when I'm running out of steam.

Here's a couple more sketches from earlier this month that i didnt get around to posting: 

Listening to No Age. I don't really know what the singer looks like. Kinda came out like the Mad TV kid.

Watching Amadeus. 

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