May 19, 2010

Foxglove sketch1

So I've been focusing on finishing my semester of non-illustration courses, and I am looking forward to getting back to painting. And I've got SOOO many ideas. This semester has been a nice tease, and I've been looking forward to continuing my work this summer.
Today, as I was walking back from class, I saw a foxglove plant. They always fascinated me as a child. I was told many times that I could look but never touch, because if the plant's grease... or powder or whatever- somehow found its way in my mouth, and down into my tummy, I'd surely die. Even at 23, I still keep my hands in my pockets as I admire them. That’s where I got this vision of a floral, peaceful scene of a fox taking of bloody gloves.
I began drawing myself from mirror, pulling off gloves. I tried a varied hand and head position, next with a canine/fox body (bottom most figure)... Reminds me too much of an orthodontist or nurse. After that warm up, I was ready to tackle the image I had originally had in mind, (top left fox). It was surprisingly easy after doing the first two. Sometimes, I tend to rush the flow and try to immediately tackle the character and pose I am aiming for. I found that by working up to it by familiarizing myself with the anatomy of the pose, I am able to render an image from a misty concept floating in my head.

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  1. When I first saw this illustration and didn't read the text, I thought it was a picture of a girl pulling off fox fur gloves and a fox pulling off human skin gloves...